Introduction to Fashion (c)2017

The first known fashion designer to have their label on his designs is Charle Frederick Worth in the 19th century. The separations between haute couture and ready-to-wear were not very clear during the 19th century. Haute couture is clothes that are created by fashion houses for their lines, such as Burberry and Dior, and ready-to-wear is clothes that are manufactured for everyday use. Fashion magazines helped society to understand the difference between the two with the inclusion of several images. fashion shows began to become clustered seasonally.

Fashion shows are clustered seasonally and began because they are meant to grab the attention of fashion journalists worldwide. On top of the publicity towards large magazine companies and all of society, they focus on showing their collections to buyers. Each fashion show has their own style and interpretation whether it be towards social issues or jut incorporating different styles from different eras; whether that be past styles or modern.