Retail Stealing Runway Looks

Every wonder where retail stores get their ideas for all of their mass produced clothing? It has never crossed my mind that it was actually a legal issue of stealing the ideas from designers but it has in fact been taken to court numerous times. Ideas are brought forward to have shows that are specifically for retail rather than couture, ready-to-wear, or mass market.

Retail stores such as Forever 21, Top Shop, and Zara are perfect examples of retail stores stealing clothing designs from popular designers worldwide. Forever 21 has stolen looks down to the colors from Betsey Johnson and Anna Sui. It would not be the first time a designer took legal action from Forever 21.

According to WWD, an idea was proposed by the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s to transform the fashion shows into consumer events. Having this show would stop retail stores to stealing designs created for their shows. Some designers are for it and others do not support the notion. Francisco Costa, women’s creative director, Calvin Klein Collection supports the idea and says they are interested in how things plan out but Anna Sui says that it would take the excitement out of the shows and it would be more so of a production.