Social Media having an Impact on Fashion

It is believed that designers have gotten ideas from social media platforms. Some believe that getting ideas from social media would be an issue because it would die down very easily. You could almost compare them to memes, they seem like the funniest and most amazing thing to use for every reaction but after a month they become overused and people forget about them. Though some designers look at it in a positive light because they know that their products are directed towards the people using social media platforms.ย 

Social media also allows people to have their ideas exposed to designers around the world. If they see something they like on their Twitter or Instagram, they could easily contact them to do collaborations. This also goes for designers that are trying to get more popular and well known by different communities or by the specific communities they are trying to target. Contacting people who are very well known in a specific community to help publicize a brand or underground designer is also another way social media has helped.