Rihanna’s Latest Photo Shoot

Rihanna lately had a photo shoot with Paper Magazine called Break the Rules. She uploaded several photographs onto Instagram that had lots of yellows, greens, and purples theme with a futuristic bodega theme. Just when you thought you have seen all of the different ways Rhianna could creatively dress up, she comes out with loud hairstyles and intricate colors that make you get whiplash from turning your head so quick.She had her hair a dark green and in spikes shooting out in each direction and wearing a Dior crop top topped off with an orange, pink, and an accented yellow fur coat. She showed off a total of six different outfits styled by Karlie Floss and Shannon Stokes.

Rihanna is not afraid of mixing colors and wearing things that would seem “out of the ordinary.” Of course, being in the fashion industry, there could never be something looked at as too weird… a simple example being Jean-Paul Gaultier shows. His shows, as well as any other high-end fashion, is seen as an art form.