Political Statement or Fashion Show… How About Both

http://bit.ly/2mMyVE2 (2017)

Ashish just had its 2017 fall fashion show in London who had a lot of colorful pieces completed with several faces painted masks the models had. Male and female models wore rainbow stripes reminding me of the LGBTQ community followed with words written in colorful sequin saying “NASTY WOMAN”, “LOVE SEES NO COLOUR”, “Why Be Blue When You Can BE GAY!” and another saying “STAY WOKE” and several more. One that stood out to me was a shirt that says “PUSSY GRABS BACK” and an image of a kitten wearing a bow. All of these phrases and colors make me think of how Ashish Gupta is voicing his thoughts towards the most recent election and how social issues are being voiced louder and louder as Trump is enforcing injustice laws against human rights. Trump has reportedly said, “Grab her by the pussy” which caused me to relate the Ashish show to political issues.

Sequin played a huge role in his show as each piece was made with sequin, whether it be one color, stripes, or multicolored. I loved how each model had different masks and how much color was shown throughout the show, within the different models and the clothing pieces. Not to mention the shoes had fun checkered patterns, geometric styles and of course, colors whether they be open toed thick heels and lace up shoes.

Although his shirt saying “LOVE SEES NO COLOUR” does make me question the concept of being “color blind” towards ethnicities, which are ignoring the fact of people embracing and deriving from different cultures, but that’s a whole other issue and taking away from the message he is trying to portray…