Fenty x Puma


Rihanna has been working alongside Puma as the women’s creative director since 2014. At first, some people were a bit confused because Rihanna does not depict the whole athletic look such as Usain Bolt but she fits, and even remakes, the mold as their creative director. Puma did not actually have a creative director until Rihanna proposed the idea to them.

Fenti x Puma just had a Fall 2017 ready-to-wear show and it was themed “Back to School”. “Fenti Universtiy” showed different styles from goth looks with thigh high chunky boots, to geeky jumpsuits. For several pieces, there were lots of patterns being mixed and matched incorporated such as plaid and stripes.

There was so much diversity within the models just how one should experience at their universities as they are to get an education and to be exposed to several other cultures and ethnicities.