College Fashion

College is a place where teenagers finally feel like they can truly express themselves for who they are without being judged by their peers. A lot of teenagers hide or conceal who they really are before college, afraid of what their young peers, friends, and family would not accept. Typically, students would branch off and try different styles whether it be preppy with form fitting clothes filled with pastels, a more modern look with color block and exercising denim, or even as I like to call it the “Tumblr look” with chokers and plaid. There are of course so many different types of other styles especially what college wear is most known for, day old sweatpants and messy buns. Not all students care about dressing up and just stick to what they are comfortable with which is the most important part.

An important component to take into consideration is that college students do not actually have much money, at least most of them. So although students do have more freedom to wear what they wish to wear, they may not always have the opportunities to dress how they wish to. Clothes can be extremely expensive especially once you start falling in love with branded clothing and even worse once you fall in love with designers. Coming from experience, I have fallen in love with several designer pieces but my minimum wage job does not give me the luxury of throwing cash on clothes but mainly to pay bills and eat.

Clothes is used to express oneself and I encourage any college student, or anyone in general, to wear what they feel most comfortable in.