Men’s Wear Part 2 (2017)

In the last post, I talked about the beginning of a new horizon of clothing styles which incorporated more self-expression and rebellion within the sixties. At this point, young men were dressing as freely as they pleased and it was going away from the elegant look. Some things worn during the sixties were high rise trousers, long socks being shown off as the trousers were rolled up and cuffed, and finished off with a simple dress shirt or even a sports coat worn casually. Personally, this is my favorite era from men’s wear and I have incorporated different aspects into my outfits today such as rolling up the pants while wearing high socks.

Disco also played a huge role during the sixties for both the fashion and music industry. Men began to wear bell bottoms which complimented their thighs and tight button-down shirts. Tie-dyed shirts, as well as military clothes, played a huge role as the hippie movement began. Homemade items such as necklaces and bandanas also played a role. Once the eighties came around, the style got a lot more serious with suspenders and wearing expensive clothes in order to be a powerful businessman. By the nineties, baggy business casual which is my least favorite era and I am glad that we have all surpassed that because it is just a sports jacket that is not fitted and topped with a sports hat. Once the 2000s arrived, the slim fit came back into styles with European tailoring.

It is important that men get are able to pick and choose their styles from whichever era adding their own personality and to self-express oneself.