Spring Wardrobe

Everyone wonders what the newest trends are going to be for each season. Spring is coming up and the latest fashion shows have already happened for Spring 2017. A few popular pieces coming up for spring have been culottes, which are basically super baggy capri pants. Stirrup pants seem to also creep into major fashion stores but have not been worn out often too much in streetwear. Pleated pants are actually one of my favorite bottoms that I need buy more of that are definitely coming around to be very popular. Although overalls became popular around last fall, they continue to be pushed to be sold in stores as different washes of denim work together with the baggy style.

For shoes, the seventies vibes continue to grow with the culottes and bell bottom jeans as platform shoes come back around. Off the shoulder tops as well as mom jeans or boyfriend/girlfriend jeans have stuck around since last summer. Personally, I love boyfriend jeans and I will continue to wear them even after they style of out. Typical spring colors come around, such as pastels, as the dark winter colors slowly fade away. More pigmented colors and color block has been seen around the cities more often such as yellows, greens, blues, and oranges.

Although several pieces are being pushed to become trends, I am stoked to see what other fads come around for spring 2017.