Black on black used to be extremely popular about three years ago as people wore stylishly black jeans matched with a block top and finished off with black shoes. This trend even continued through summer which is I guess a way to say beauty is pain as you burn up while looking trendy. Last year, in 2016, shades of colors began to slowly creep in by neutral shades coming into popularity. Different shades of pinks and shades of browns began to accompany the trends of wearing simple and basic clothes like plain crop tops, body suits, and leggings. Tops for girls have not been getting very intricate other than having strings across the chest. These skin tone colors began getting more popular with the help of Kanye West’s Yeezy fashion shows as he collaborates with Adidas. With his 2015 ready-to-wear sports wear, there were different tans and distressed clothing expressed with a military style.

Primary colors have been getting more and more popular within the past year. Both bold and flat yellows, blues, greens, and reds have been spotted on sneakers, tops, and even incorporated through makeup. Other colors such as orange and pastels have been slowly finding their way into people’s wardrobes. Personally, bright colors are my favorite because they are bold and feel good and being able to see someone vibrate is amazing. I hope these colors stick around and become more popular until next fall.