Slip On Mules

This week I was fascinated to discover this new trend; mule slippers. They are a hybrid of slippers and loafers put together in one. Slip on loafers have been alongside mules in department stores. They have a classy feel to them even though they are just slippers because of the long vamp. (A vamp is a part that covers your foot by the way) I have been seeing them paired with loose ankle length trousers and crop top dress shirts or just basic crop top tees.

I actually really like how they look on high-end streetwear outfits but they sadly have not branched into casual wear so I do not see them often. I first saw the shoes on The Grey Layers’s Instagram. She runs a fashion blog pertaining of high-end streetwear and has her name because of her infamous grey wig she wears. She continuously updates her wardrobe with the latest trends and never forgets to post a picture of her outfits onto her Instagram.