Things to Add to Your Summer Wardrobe

Jumpsuits have become very popular during the spring season. Some will be formfitting and even follow the other trend of off the shoulders. Other different types of jumpsuits will be loose fitting and have straight fit bottoms. The most common jumpsuits I have been seeing are denim or one solid color. They are not made of denim material but they are different shades of blue that give the appearance of it looking like denim but are actually made of a soft cotton material.

Most people would say that jumpsuits only look elegant if you are tall with long legs. As someone who is only 5′ 1”, I encourage for one to wear whatever one wants and to ignore the styles of clothing that magazines say what is flattering for a pear shaped body. Confidence is key and looks great with any type of clothing, including jumpsuits.

Stripes have been playing a huge role with poplin dress shirts this season. (Poplin is a plain weave fabric that is quite thin, smooth and flat) The poplin shirts are normally off the shoulder, crop tops, and are very simplistic to give the shirts a more casual look. Plain white shirts or shades of blue have been very popular along with the striped shirts. These shirts can be worn with high waisted denim jeans, or any type of high waisted pants.