Sheer Clothing

Sheer clothing was more popular in the music culture but it has branched out to reach street wear. Sheer clothing either allows one to partially expose skin, or allows one to be more creative with what one could wear underneath such as bralettes, crop tops, or tank tops. There have been several designs added to sheer clothes such as holographic tints and embroideries. Other pieces only have a portion of sheer such as designs or patterns instead of the whole item being made of sheer. It has not just restricted to just tops, but sheer bodysuits, jackets, and even socks have become very popular.

Wear them with any cute underclothing and it can drastically change one’s outfit to add a harsher, daring look. The sheer material adds a cloak to one’s skin so it does not completely expose one’s body. Although not all sheer tops add a dark look to one’s outfit; different department stores have included sheer polka dot shirts or pastel colored sheer dresses.