One piece swimsuits have become very popular within this year. Two-piece bathing suits were popular for the longest time but high waisted two pieces were actually popular last summer. This encouraged more sales towards mixing and matching different tops in order to create one’s own bathing suit. The high waisted bottoms gave the swimsuit a hipster or vintage vibe and even a Baywatch feel. I have seen several that are bold colors such as orange, blue or even yellow.

One piece swimsuits that have been popular are “high leg”, which is basically a high-rise on the bottoms part and the band goes above the hip bone. It accentuates the size of one’s hips more and I swear it gives the illusion of a smaller waist size as well. Now, every body type is different so I highly recommend to not buy clothing to fit a body shape or to reach a specific body figure and instead, wear what you are most comfortable with.