Fashion can be a lifestyle of simply just the notion of putting on clothes just to be dressed. Whether or not one allows to get more involved in how one puts their outfits together each morning, everyone still has a type of style. Although some people love to put a label on how well or terrible someone dresses, in the end, style is just how someone enjoys dressing. Fashion has always been important on how someone presents themselves and sometimes it can be influenced by people or even how society wants to see each an individual. Magazines, billboards, social media, and even simply just walking around influences the clothing choices people make.

In the early 1800s to the 1900s, it seems like fashion revolved a lot around status and constantly just wearing things to prove that they have a higher status. One can argue that those feelings or desires to prove one’s status are still around in modern fashion with different types of furs and skins but self-expression has played a huge influence in the choices of outfits people create and put together making modern fashion drastically different than classic fashion. Fashion can also be a statement towards politics, social issues, or even personally as one chooses to let people try to interpret the messages expressed in their outfits. Others also focus on the aesthetic of fashion making sure each color, material, and accessory coordinates with one another.

Although some make a living out of the clothes they design, coordinate, make, or even just wear, self-expression is the main statement in each outfit worn and that should never be forgotten.