London is one of the big four fashion shows. The event was born in 1984 in a West London car park. It shows itself to others as a trade event that also attracts significant press attention and benefit to taxpayers. Currently, Mercedes sponsors London fashion week as well as Toni & Guy. The fashion show will feature some of the top designers from within the United Kingdom and across the globe as each house presents their collections one after another for a whole week. The first London fashion week was produced by the British Fashion Council. It was organized in the car park of the Commonwealth Institute, Kensington in 1984. The next year, the British Government agreed to sponsor the fashion week after efforts of designers and the Vogue UK editor. Organizing London fashion week can be difficult and at one point it was held at the National Museum of History because the British Council had to to find a venue large enough for several shows in one day.

London fashion shows actually had an incident that people were saying that all of the shows were promoting anorexia and influencing unhealthy body images. They would have models that did not have healthy and “normal” sized women which were very thin. It took a long time for some houses to start bringing out models that were not abnormally thin which actually took some bravery for some designers to do so.