New York

New York fashion week is the most well known out of the big four. It is held twice a year, once in February and once in September. Fashion weeks are held to reveal to the public and to buyers the collections that each house has created and put together. Every aspect of the show is vital from the collect, models, decor, location, and even who is invited to watch the shows. The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) created the modern idea of a centralized “New York Fashion Week” in 1993, although it was not the first big four city to have a title, London was already using their city’s name in association with “fashion week” in the eighties.

The world’s first fashion week was actually first called press week instead of fashion week. It was created to get the attention of fashion journalists who ignored and neglected American fashion since European fashion was huge. When U.S. journalists couldn’t travel to Paris fashion week during World War II, a fashion week in New York was the creative response. Fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert dreamed up an event where editors could direct their attention to the American fashion designers who had gotten very little love from the national or international press. Until that time, U.S.  designers and editors had relied heavily on Parisian couture for inspiration.