Paris Fashion Week is a week long of designers displaying their lines twice a year in Paris, France with spring, summer and autumn, and winter events held each year. In addition to ready-to-wear shows, there are men’s and haute couture shows, which are held twice a year for the spring/summer and autumn/winter seasons.Paris has the honor of hosting the finale of every bi-annual fashion fest that takes place in the city. They are held at venues throughout the city. Paris is a part of “the big four” which are the four largest and most popular fashion shows held within the world. Although New York is known for their fashion week, Paris has actually been holding fashion shows long before New York. The first Paris fashion week was a fundraiser held at the Palace of Versailles to repair it. Shows are held throughout several different venues choosing the most elegant locations for shows and one of the most popular being Carrousel du Louvre hosting over a hundred shows.

Paris fashion week started in 1973. The event is divided into three categories which are men’s fashion, haute couture, and prêt-à-porter. The term haute couture is protected in France so that only the very few fashion houses the meet the strict criteria can claim to have Haute Couture collections. Prêt-à-porter is just ready-to-wear clothing. World War I actually had a huge impact on European culture and it was clearly demonstrated during Paris fashion weeks.