Bridal Wear

Bridal wear is typically during the spring and several different designers present their bridal lines. Bridal wear is a separate category for fashion weeks so it is not always as popular as couture or ready-to-wear. Elie Saab is a very popular bridal designer brand as well as Oscar de la Renta. For Oscar de la Renta, the… Read More Bridal Wear

Fenty x Puma

Rihanna has been working alongside Puma as the women’s creative director since 2014. At first, some people were a bit confused because Rihanna does not depict the whole athletic look such as Usain Bolt but she fits, and even remakes, the mold as their creative director. Puma did not actually have a creative director until… Read More Fenty x Puma

Political Statement or Fashion Show… How About Both

Ashish just had its 2017 fall fashion show in London who had a lot of colorful pieces completed with several faces painted masks the models had. Male and female models wore rainbow stripes reminding me of the LGBTQ community followed with words written in colorful sequin saying “NASTY WOMAN”, “LOVE SEES NO COLOUR”, “Why Be… Read More Political Statement or Fashion Show… How About Both