Take Action

Fashion can be used to express several different concepts whether they be personal creativity, culture, or simply just matters occurring within society. People have looked at the fashion industry in a different perspective take advantage of the industry in order to reach out to people by targeting issues incorporated within lines. There are several different issues that occur within the fashion industry. Some of those things include racism, colorism, protesting against animal rights, and issue relating to body image. Below are a few examples of brands that took advantage of fashion for a better cause.

Khalida Brohi used embroidery as a way to bring women together to inform them of their rights and teaching them empowerment. She created the Sughar Center in Umerkot, Pakistan which became a safe place for women to come together to embroider without the supervision of men. Later, Brohi actually worked together with her team to launch Pakistan’s first-ever fashion brand created by rural communities. You can support the line here.
Stella McCartney runs a cruelty-free fashion house. She does not use any real leather or fur in any of her pieces which are out of the ordinary for any major house to be doing. She also has her company to use more eco-friendly and organic materials. All of her boutiques are operated by eco-friendly products from her flooring, the furniture purchased and powered by renewable energy.